weekly game

how to play
Pick a team of two to five golfers – golfmanna sets the number before each tournament depending on the size and strength of the field. Their dollar winnings are totaled. The highest total dollar amount wins (see tiebreaker below).

Each game is a one-time event – there is no cumulative game over the course of the season. This allows gamers to play the Weekly Game whenever they want.

scoring Your players earn dollars equivalent to their actual tournament winnings. Totals are according to the official money earned during each tournament.

In case two or more golfmanna entrants have entered the same team and/or are tied at the end of the tournament, the tiebreaker is the entrant with the closest guess to the total number of birdies/eagles made during Sunday's final round by the entrants's six selected golfers combined. If two entrants are still tied after the tiebreaker they will split the winnings (Example: if two entrants are still tied, they will split 1st and 2nd place prize money).

TBD based on tournament

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